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“中国印象——当代艺术家联展”共有王友江、王酩绅、刘泽林、杨越辉、张玉新、宗珉玄、唐慶年、栾良才、徐芸、鞠洪深等十位中国当代艺术家参展,作品包括绘画、书法等艺术形式。社会的巨变更需要心灵的安慰,这就是为什么在中国经济高速发展之际,中国当代艺术也呈现出最蓬勃的发展趋势。凭藉艺术 ,中国人能在飞速发展的历史潮流中,安身立命,得到些许的平衡;凭藉艺术,世人从中发现东方艺术魅力,增进理解当代中国。


Houston, Texas.  November  1, 2016: Chinese Expressions: Ten Contemporary Artists brings to the Texas Southern University Museum painting and calligraphy from leading contemporary artists in China. These works express the artists’ search for balance and conciliation amidst the rapid economic development and social changes of contemporary China. Through the unique artistic sensibilities expressed in these works we can begin to appreciate the search for new forms of beauty in contemporary China. The opening ceremony for the exhibition is on November 4th, 2016 at 7pm. Chinese Expressions: Ten Contemporary Artists will be on view November 1st – 13th, 2016. Visit for more information.



Youjiang Wang  (1962)

Wang, graduated from the Department of Art and Design at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 1986. He also graduated from the 9th Seminar hosted by the Department of Oil Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. He currently serves as associate professor and member of China Artists Association.


Mingshen Wang  (1962)

Wang is a native of the Gansu province. His artistic pursuit began at age of 17, when he landed an apprenticeship with the local artisan workshop. His art training started there with pencil sketches and making practices.


Zelin Liu  (1947)  

Liu currently serves as the Director of Beijing Wen de Tang Academy of painting and calligraphy. He is an active member of Chinese Poetry Academy and former Vice Deputy Director of the Chinese modern literature museum.


Yuehui Yang (1956)

Yang, is a graduate from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (former CAAD) He is now a Senior Art Designer, distinguished professor, and Well-known professional painter. He has been awarded many times by the Chinese Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles.


Yuxin Zhang  (1962)

Zhang, is a graduate from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (former CAAD), majoring in fine arts ceramic design. He previously served Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Zhongzhou University in 1998.


Minxuan Zong  (1958)

Zong, is a graduate from Xi’An Academy of Fine Art and worked as research fellow at Central Academy of Fine in Beijing. He is currently a professor at Gengdan College of Beijing Industrial University.  Zong’s works express sincere emotion and pure facts in our life.


Qingnian Tang (1956)

Tang, a native of Beijing, is a graduate of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (former CAAD). He currently serves as the Vice Director of editorial department of “Art” monthly magazine, and was previously involved in China’s “New Wave” art movement in the mid-1980s.


Liangcai Luan (1963)

Luan is a graduate from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. He currently serves as the Director of Academic Committee and Art & Theory Research Center at the College of Art & Design (BJUT).


Yun Xu (1954)

Xu, is a graduate from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Department. She worked as an exchange artist in Germany at Augsburg artists association in 1996. Also, Xu has previously taught at the Renmin University of China School of journalism and North China University of Technology, School of Arts.



Hongshen Ju(1957)

Ju, a native of Qingdao, graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (former CAAD). He now serves as a Professor and vice dean at North China University of Technology Art College.

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