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Charles Criner

Robert E. Meyers

Edward L. MIlls

Elizabeth Montgomery Shelton

Charles L. Thomas

Roy Vinson Thomas



Circle of Six features over 34 works of art from a select group of Art Alumni. The exhibition is an eclectic collection that includes definitive paintings and large-scale drawings along with bronze and clay sculptures. This exhibition is on view February 6th through April 9th, 2015.




Charles L. Thomas

Charles L. Thomas was a student of “Dr. John Bagger’s”, Mr. Carroll Simms, Mrs. Theresa Allen, and Mrs. Athena Watson, of Texas Southern University, from

1963 – 1967 and graduated with a “Bachelor of Art Education” degree.  I taught Art at Charlton Pollard High School of Beaumont, Texas, One year, before my career job of 35 years at Continental Airlines. Whatever I did as for as work or career was concerned…. “ART” was always a big part of my life.


Charles L. Thomas was born on March 30, 1943 in a small Clinic in ‘Clinton Park’, Houston, Texas.  There, I attended Clinton Park Elementary – Mrs. Sales was my art teacher, E.O. Smith Jr. High School – Mrs. Mims was my art teacher, and graduated from Phyllis Wheatley Senior High School in 1961 – Mrs. Ladner was my art teacher. I worked odd jobs while attending ‘TSU’ …Sometimes 2 or 3 Part-time jobs in the same year, but it all culminated in a satisfying life.  I would not trade it for anything…. It was a good time in my life. While attending ‘TSU’, I gravitated towards…Mathematics, Photography, Music, Science, Architecture, etc.…. but I always returned to my passion……….ART. Oh! Yes, I have a few paintings on display in the permanent Art and Sculpture collection in the “TSU art building” on the TSU campus…. Also during my senior year at TSU, I painted a mural on the second floor of Hanna Hall, the administration building, next to what was then the “TSU Law School” and offices.


Robert Meyers

My name is Robert Meyers. Born in Houston, Texas in 1943, I consider myself as the unknown artist, mainly because my work is unknown. I begin doing art at the age of the six. We move from Houston to Los Angeles, California. In the 40s, here I went to elementary school and junior high, at this time art player a very important part of my young life. My teacher would always consider me as the artist. I was always the one chosen to work on special projects. In 1959 we moved back to Houston where I decided to attend Jack Yates High Scholl. My art teacher Ms. Willy Thomas took an interest in me as an art student and began to introduce to watercolors, tempera, and oil. Art history played an important part as well. The study of art was exciting to me. It was like being introduced to a new world. I knew then that I wanted to become an artist. The school district had a very good art program. We entered our works in the art show such as Foley’s Easter shows and other shows. I remember in 11th grade my work was entered in the Foley’s show where I won seven gold keys and three honorable mentions at the same time.

In the 12th grade I only had three gold keys, also one of my paintings appeared on the Post’s magazine; it was the head of Christ. I also received a letter from the mayor congratulating me for being an outstanding student in art. I won a scholarship to art and craft in California. I did not attend because I could not afford the room and boarding fee so I went to Texas Southern University.  I studied under Dr. John T. Biggers and Mr. Carroll Simms. I had the opportunity to learn more about drawing, composition, technique, sculpture, ceramics and painting. I worked at night and attended classes in the daytime. In 1969 I was lucky enough to get a job working for United Airline, which was called Texas International at the time. I retired in 2005 from the airline and decided that there was nothing more I love than art. I decided to get serious about being an artist and now I create works day and night.


Elizabeth Shelton Montgomery

Elizabeth Shelton is a native of Houston, Texas and has been a sculptor and painter since early childhood. Through her art, she has spent life reflecting and interpreting the world. She captures the strength and sensuality of all women – especially women of color. Her bronze renditions of children remarkably eternalize their innocence and tender spirit. Her resulting works are vivid and energizing in their approach. Elizabeth’s sculpture, Mother and Child, can be found in Dr. John Bigger’s book, “Black Art in Houston.” The Mother and Child sculpture, along with terracotta, is displayed as part of the permanent collection in the University Museum at Texas Southern University. A photograph of the terracotta sculpture (Mother and Child) was used for the cover of the Christmas cards for Texas Southern University during the 1980s. Ms. Shelton has studied with Dr. John Biggers, Carroll Harris Simms and Martin Vaugel (an international sculptor) in Paris. Ms. Shelton was commissioned in 2000 to do the mountaintop Award, a bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, for the Black Heritage Society. The Mountaintop Award has been given to Rosa Parks, Mrs. Coretta Scott King and Nelson Mandela. Elizabeth Shelton awards include 1990 NASA Plaque Award, “Outstanding Black Texas Artist,” 1996 Who’s Who among American Teachers (Art), and 1970 Juried show “Merit Award” with Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) – Houston, Texas. In 1969, she had a public installation at the University Museum in Texas Southern University, 1970 was when she installed another work at Mural at Golden State Insurance – Houston, Texas; and a metal work of art at the Abstract Fabrication (outside) at South Park Avenue – Houston, Texas.

Ms. Shelton has exhibited her work across the state of Texas with locations such as: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2002; African American Museum , Dallas, 2000; City Hall Annex, Houston  2000; One Woman Show, Houston, 2000; Rice University, Houston, 2000; Texas Southern University, Houston, 2000; Youngman Branch Library, Houston, 1999; Community Artist Group (Armon Bayou), Houston, 1998; Art Expo 90 , Sugarland, 1990; Art League of Houston, Houston, 1980; International Women’s Year National Conference, Houston, 1977; Adept, The New American Folk Center (One Woman Show), Houston, 1976; Community Artist Gallery, Houston, 1975; College of the Mainland , Texas City, 1971; Community Artist Group (The Pavilion) , Houston, 1970; Albert Thomas Convention Center , Houston, 1970; Links Society Art Show, Ft. Worth, 1970; Sculpture and Ceramic Show , San Antonio, 1970; Texas City Lighting and Power, Texas City, 1970; Museum of Fine Arts , Houston, 1964; Jesse H. Jones Music Hall, Houston, 1964; and Foley’s Scholastic Awards , Houston, 1960-64.


Roy Vinson Thomas

Roy Thomas is an emerging newcomer artist only in the sense that he doesn’t produce as many works in a given year as some of his established counterparts. He teaches public school, which allows him some, weekends and summers to paint. He also works definitely in his expressionistic/realistic style, so there are fewer of his works to submit to shows. His style is mature and he finds success in most juried competitions. He went to Texas Southern University for his Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Education degree from 190 - 1974, later he studied at the University of Houston in Special Emphasis on Painting & Drawing from 1979-1981.

At Texas Southern University, both Dr. John T. Biggers and Mr. Simms were demanding teachers. They taught technique: Biggers would require personal solution; Simms would require a simple solution. His classmates were competitive. They were TSU classmates of Kermit Oliver, Charles Criner, and Henry Wilson. He had good middle school and high school teachers, Fannie Holman and Elizabeth Mimms, respectively. School trips to the museum and competition in Scholastic Art rounded him out as an artist.

Roy’s painting evolved to figurative forms, sculpture in nature. After thousands of sketches, he doesn’t use models; he draws directly on the canvas or paper from memory. His colors are more toned down than the earlier palette he used of raw color. His use of concentric lines serves to move the viewer through the work. Roy has had exhibits in Austin, Beaumont, Atlanta, San Antonio, Dallas, Wichita Falls, Tucson, at Barnes-Blackman and Texas Southern University.

Some of his recognitions include: the 1988 Eight Annual Atlanta Life National Art Competition and Exhibition-2nd Place award/purchase award-painting, the 1988 National Conference of Artists Second International Conference and Exhibition, 1988 Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center, 1987 Houston Art Education Association Annual Membership Show-Best of Show, 1987 Juneteenth Celebration-Exhibition Coordinator/curator, the 1985 Eight Southwest Black Art Exhibit- The Museum of African-American Life and Culture-Exhibitor.


Karl E. Hall

Born on September the 7th, 1952 in Houston Texas, he attended Texas Southern University with a B.A.E degree in 1979 and an M.A degree in 1979 at the University of Houston/Clear Lake. His awards include the Southwest Black Art Exhibition, the Museum of African American Life and Culture, Dallas, Texas; and Printmaking Purchase Award in 1992. Annual Black Art Alliance Exhibit, Austin, Texas (Best Award of Mixed Media) in 1991; the Water color Art Society Exhibition, Houston, Texas in 1991 and 1988. Houston Art Educator Association Exhibition, Texas, 1987; Clear Creek Art League Exhibition, Houston, Texas in 1983; Houston Art Educator Association Exhibition, Texas in 1983; University of Houston CLC-Art Gallery, Clear Lake, Texas; Local Color Art Gallery, A Two Person Show.  (My Mark) College Station, Texas in 1994; Local Color Art Gallery, Twelve Texas Printmakers (Imprints) College Station, Texas in 1995; Houston Area Exhibition, Bluffer Gallery, University of Houston/ University Park, Houston, Texas; 1991 Houston’s African American Artist, Forerunners and Newcomers, Art Gallery, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas; 1989 Regional Black Artist Exhibition, Black Arts Alliance Austin, Texas; 1988 the Eight Annual Atlanta Life National Art Competition and Exhibition, Atlanta, Georgia; 1984 The People’s Workshop for the Visual and Performing Arts, Houston Talent Expo’ 84, Houston, Texas; 1980 Houston Art League Award, 1980 Clear Creek Art League Award, 1978 Jesse H. Jones Scholarship, Houston, 1978 Coastal Region Arts and Crafts Fair Scholarship, Houston.


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