CTGME is an experimental exhibition featuring installation, performance and mixed media works by select Houston artists.

Curated by Robert Pruitt,  a Houston artist who received his BFA from Texas Southern University and his MFA from the University of Texas in Austin. Pruitt is a founding member of a number of artist collaboratives, most notably Otabenga Jones & Associates. Pruitt works in multiple mediums including sculpture, photography, and animation but primarily creates large figurative portraits of his community that reflect his interest in Science Fiction, Hip Hop, and radical political histories.


Autumn Knight is a Houston-based performance artist. Ms.Knight received a BA from Dillard University and an MA from New York University. Her performance work has been included in shows at DiverseWorks and Art League Houston. She recently completed a performance lab series, Futz: A Research Method with Project Row Houses (Houston, TX).



On View: June 22 - August 25, 2013



Regina Agu

Nathaniel Donnett

Robert Hodge

Autumn Knight

Rosine Kouamen

Lovie Olivia

Philip Pyle II

Sehba Sarwar

Michael Kahlil Taylor

Monica Villareal

Gregory Micheal Carter

Curated by Robert Pruitt


Regina Agu is an interdisciplinary artist based in Houston, TX.  Agu was born in Houston and was raised traveling overseas throughout Africa and Europe. She is a graduate of Cornell University.  Her practice is an investigation of intersections of collective and personal history, memory, and the physical body. Agu's work has been included in exhibitions and public readings at New Museum (NY), Textile Arts Center (NY), Fresh Arts (TX), Mountain View College (TX), labotanica (TX), and Project Row Houses (TX), among other venues.




Lovie Olivia is a native Houstonian and a visual artist who employs painting, printmaking, and installation to create her works. She mostly relies on independent studies of art, cultures, music, literature and history to influence her work. She has exhibited at : Jam Gallery, Pillow, 36 Steps Gallery,The Art League Houston, Darke Gallery, GalleryM2, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Project Row Houses, and the Arthello Beck Gallery as well as the Houston Museum of African American Culture, among many more. 




Nathaniel Donnett

I am interested in the study of human behavior, its psychological and emotional impact on society and how society affects the collective and individual consciousness in general and black people in particular. My work seeks to question, explore, and expose experiences, causes, effects, and the subtle transitory elements along with those that shape them in everyday life. 

 African American culture, along with its inventiveness and improvisational approach, African sculpture, historical and current events, psychology, personal/impersonal experiences, poetry and music are points of departure used to introduce my perspectives, ideas and concerns. The subjects I wish to explore in my works don't solely comment on art formal issues unto itself but also attempts to reach into the lives of everyday people while also creating spaces for unpredictable situations and experimentation to occur, question, critique, appreciate and examine our different positions in society, past and present culture.




Sehba Sarwar

Writer, multidisciplinary artist, and activist Sehba Sarwar moves between the city of her birth, Karachi, Pakistan, where she spent the first half of her life in a home filled with artists, activists and educators, and her adopted city, Houston, where she has recreated a community similar to the one where she was raised. Sarwar’s art tackles women’s issues and displacement and she serves as Artistic Director for Voices Breaking Boundaries, a Houston-based grassroots arts organization. A recipient of three Houston Arts Alliance Creative Awards, Sarwar is a member of the Macondo Writers’ Workshop and is listed on Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Artist Roster; her work has been published and/or screened in Pakistan, India, Egypt, Canada and the US. In 2012-13 Sarwar serves as Artist-in-Residence for the Mitchell Center for the Arts at the University of Houston.



Voices Breaking Boundaries:

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