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Dr. Biggers once stated that the artist has a responsibility to the public. As a “documenter” of the affairs of the community there are some things that can not be ignored and should be address in verse or in visual statements. Public or private work includes images in an aesthetic form to address these issues.   

About the Artist

Houston-based ceramic artist and muralist Jesse Sifuentes was born in Kingsville, Texas and grew up in Galveston where   he attended Ball High School.

His art teacher Ms. Mignon, recognizing his exceptional talent as an artist, strongly encouraged him to pursue art beyond high school.  With the support of a Moody Scholarship, Sifuentes enrolled in the prestigious art program at Texas Southern University founded by nationally renowned artist and muralist Dr. John Biggers and master sculptor and ceramist Professor Carroll Harris Simms. Sifuentes became the first person in his family to attend college. 


Another scholarship allowed him to travel to Mexico City in 1974 where he studied the work of Mexican muralists Rivera,Siqueros, and Orozco. Following his graduation from Texas Southern University, Sifuentes received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Houston. An accomplished ceramist, the artist has exhibited his ceramics in numerous exhibitions, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  Sifuentes has created eight murals in the city of Houston, including the commission for the  mural, “41 @ 80”at Fonde  Recreational Center which honors the public service of President George H.W. Bush given as an 80th  birthday gift by the city and assisted with many public art projects. He has assisted with many public art projects, several of which are in his East End community. Earlier this month, the most recent mural of artist Sifuentes was unveiled at a ceremony at Starbucks on Wayside. Jesse Sifuentes retired in 2007 from the Houston Independent School district after 27 years of service as an art teacher.  He is currently an instructor at Texas Southern University’s Department of Visual and Performing Arts.


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