Kingsley Onyeiwu

Says the artist on his work...

When I setup to make a painting, I hold within my thoughts the goals I aim to achieve; to visually communicate with viewers both mentally and emotionally. As an artist, I make my work define my aesthetic; the beauty of humanism in art. My belief is that art and the human figure are interlaced.  Realizing beauty in works of art means producing figurative works that encompasses the versatile topic I present with each work of art. This could range from examining universal sociopolitical issues to the domestic aspect of relating to one’s own self. As a student, I am constantly learning to work in the manner of the classical and contemporary painters such as Diego Velasquez, Caravaggio, and William Bouguereau. Primarily Kehinde Wiley because through the contemporary painter, I have learned to embrace Afro-centric works and also realize the beauty of being of African descent; as a result, embedding African themes into my work has become a part of preference. I prefer making my work look life like because it is aesthetically pleasing to me and also, because I want my viewers to easily interpret the message I try to convey with each work of art I produce.

Seeing myself as always being a student of Art, I visualize the branch of drawing and painting as an endless array of possibilities involving mediums I can use to create my works to themes and subjects that I can explore. Being committed and ever zealous about making works of art, I perceive my present body of work as a testament to my endeavor to become a better and professional artist in the future.

About the Artist

At a very young age, living in Lagos, Nigeria, I became influenced by the beautiful animations and child-friendly graphics I saw on television. Growing up I sought to replicate those animations I saw with determination and commitment. It was these habits that drove me into realizing my talents during my teenage period, and eventually initiate me into the world of art. As a youth, I have learned to nurture my talent and channel it into creating works that are aesthetically pleasing to me.

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