Graduating Seniors 2014

The University Museum presents its annual exhibition of graduating seniors. This year the gallery is focused on two very inspiring artists: Ezra Roy of Houston, Texas and Paola Baca Rifenburgh who is originally from Calca, Peru. The exhibition features over 60 works of art including sculpture, painting, drawings and collage.


About the Artists:

Ezra Roy was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, this disease is a debilitating birth defect that leaves many individuals with developmental delays. Ezra, however, has overcome much of the public stigma associated with his condition with the help of his father Alvin, a professionally-trained lawyer and classically-trained artist. Ezra demonstrated an interest in art at an early age, and his father used art as a teaching tool.


Over the years Ezra developed a keen penchant for color and his work fluctuates between realism and abstraction. By exhibiting at City Hall, Houston, TX, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Five-A Exhibitions, Ezra has turned a disabling barriers into a positive visions. His work has been on exhibition since high school and found a home with several collectors. Upon graduation, Ezra will become the first professional artist in the US with this condition to successfully cross into the mainstream of visual fine art.



Paola Baca Rifenburgh is originally from Calca, Peru, a small town in the sacred valley of the Incas located in the Andes Mountains of South America. She came to the United States in 1987 when she married Daniel Rifenburgh, an American poet and teacher. Paola’s early life in America was devoted to raising their one child named William.


As a child, Paola was inspired by the Coca-Cola posters hanging on the walls of her father’s general store. She enjoyed outlining these figures on paper and coloring them. When she became of school age she submitted every homework assignment with some kind of illustration. Eventually she developed a discerning eye, with the skill and sensitivity for the art of drawing and painting. After high school she attended the Fine Arts School of Diego Quispe Tito in Cusco, Peru a school founded during Peru’s Colonial Period of the17th century. After five years she received her art degree gaining strong skills in painting and drawing landscapes. Later she went on to become an art teacher in a Peruvian high school for three years before she came to the United States.


Today Paola is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Texas Southern University, where she will obtain her degree in of May 2014. She will continue on her path as a committed, competent and culturally responsible art and math teacher, as she also excels in mathematics.

Warrior King | Mixed Media , 2014

Ezra Roy

Bonita Mariana | Oil on Canvas , 2014

Paola B. Rifenburgh

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