Exhibition on view Thursday, April 18 - Sunday, June 2, 2019

The University Museum presents its annual exhibition of graduating seniors opening on Thursday April 18th, 2019.

The exhibition features an exciting collection of unique socially charged and inspired works representing the youth and spirit of today's culture. The gallery presents the work of six innovative emerging artists: Annie T. Palmer, Malcolm K. Fisher, Jazmyn Proctor, Chasity Smith, Faith R. Schwartz and Chris Hicks and includes over 50 works of art representing a range of styles and mediums. The tradition of the Graduating Seniors Exhibition celebrates the legacy of the excellence in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Texas Southern University. This exhibition is the final requirement for these young gifted artists in their quest to obtain their first degree in Fine Arts. Under the direction of Professor Jamal Cyrus and Mr. Samuel Blesson, the six B.A candidates installed their works while preparing statements for the exhibition. We welcome all to join us, in the introduction of our graduating seniors to the art community of Houston.


Annie Palmer                                        

I was born and raised in Houston and I am the third born from a family of four. I began to take an interest in art at the age of six from my two older siblings. I loved to watch them draw their own made-up cartoon characters. They made stories for their characters and I would read the stories that they had created. It made me want to draw and create stories as well. Even though I never had an art class until I came to college I taught myself how to draw without any help from a professional. I realized that I was most influenced by cartoons from Japan and began to draw like that.

There manga would be a big part of made me draw the way I do now. The way that anime and manga tell their stories was so amazing. The manga that inspired me was a book called “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle” made by Clamp and this is how I loved Japan art and would draw in their style.

During middle school and through high school, I paused from doing art. I would only do the occasional doodle here and there. During this time, my dream changed to becoming a chef instead of a graphic designer or a game designer. Although I was passionate about being a chef that is when my godmother made me realize I didn’t like cooking for people. That’s when the spark for art rekindled in my heart.

I went to TSU to improve upon my art skills again from the years that I missed. I learned many techniques over my semesters attending TSU. With the help of my friends and teachers I could see how my art skills would improve. My confidence in my art have also improved along with talking in public. Coming to TSU helped me strive to what I want to become and I don’t regret ever coming to TSU. I continue to improve my graphic design and illustration art skills even further with the help from my professors and friends. And I hope that one day I can inspire someone in the same way my older siblings inspired.     














Malcolm K. Fisher

I was born Malcolm Kamali Fisher on June 17, 1996 in Fort Worth Texas to Teresa M. Clemmons and Eric E. Fisher. I attended Meadow Creek Elementary, S.H. Crowley Intermediate School, Crowley Middle School, North Crowley High School, and Texas Southern University. My mother contributed to my artistic interest from a young age, by taking me to art museums, putting me in art classes, guitar lessons, introducing me to new and old music, also taking me to different states with different scenery like New York, Chicago, California, and Florida. My father and step mother, Melissa Fisher took me on fun and educational trips within Texas and in states like Colorado, Maine, Arkansas, Iowa, and New Mexico. During summer they’d put me in art classes/camps which helped my artistic development as well. Out of everything from my parents, I found to be most thankful for them instilling in me their love for music and motion pictures because I found those to be my biggest influences for concepts especially for my personal art style as a 22-year old.

From elementary up until junior year in high school I had been mainly focused on sports but sketched enough from time to time on the side to gain a decent skill set for drawing figures. After I decided sports wasn’t the direction I wanted to go I didn’t really know specifically what I wanted to do but I knew it was going to involve art. When I got to college and became an art major with concentration in drawing and painting, I knew I was a drawer but doubted I would actually get into painting because to me I thought it was too messy and challenging. But by the time I got to senior year after sifting through mediums I practiced for courses for a niche, I realized painting (acrylic) was a challenge I enjoyed and that my concentration was actually spot on for my artistic interest. I found pencil drawing and acrylic painting to be my foundation for expressing concepts of music (depictions of characters making music, reacting to music, performing music) in contrast with sci-fi fantasy (depictions of alternate dimensions/realities, warp holes, time and space, the cosmos otherworldly creatures). I would consider the concepts to be the core of my present style. I don’t plan on limiting myself to the mediums nor concepts though, especially after everything I’ve worked with during my four years at TSU.







Faith Schwartz

I was born and raised on the New Jersey Shore and I have been a resident of Houston for the past five years. I am currently enrolled in the Art Program at Texas Southern University. I am a representational artist that utilizes drawing, painting and collage work as well as vibrant color, texture and pattern, typically portraying women. I have nurtured a lifelong interest in drawing and painting.  When I decided to return to school after so many years, I did so because I wanted to do something different, something better, and something that I am happy with doing!

In 2016, I obtained my Associates Degree in Art from Houston Community College. I graduated with Highest Honors with a GPA of 3.9. I won first place in both the 2014-2015 student art show as well as the 2015-2016 student art show, both were for the southeast campus. One of my drawings was also selected for the advertisement of the 2014-2015, student art show. In 2017, I was a selected artist to represent Texas Southern University at the Annual Gala for the Houston Urban League. For this, I created a custom artwork for the event. During the summer of 2017, I participated in the Project Row House Summer Artist Program.


 My six weeks exhibition was entitled I AM A WOMAN-WHAT ARE YOUR SUPERPOWER POWERS? I portrayed mythological goddesses from all over the world as “superheroes”, dynamic woman that inhibit supernatural powers. In 2018, I was selected to participate in the ARCH Program, which was a program in which 12 HBCU students from all over the U.S. were chosen to participate in an archival program that was presented by Princeton University.  Through my work I endeavor to explore the many sides of women. Women as the heroes they are without always gaining the credit they deserve.  When some one asks me to describe my art …I tell them, “My work is light-heated and celebratory of women.”

Chasity Smith

Born in Memphis Tennessee, I spent most of my childhood examining and questioning the culture and history of blacks in the south. As a child I spent almost every day outside exploring.  The outdoors was always an escape and where I found peace and inspiration.  Although, Memphis was home my family moved to Texas where I spent a great deal of my childhood. I was raised in by a single mother of 7, and like most older siblings, I spent a lot of time caring for my younger siblings.


I was first introduced to Art Sophomore year in high school. I chose Visual Art I to fulfill my basic art requirement and it became my favorite class.  I was eager to learn about the basic principles of art and put an effort into making my classwork creative and unique. My teacher, Mr. Bodine, saw my passion and encouraged me to consider the idea of studying art in college. I was skeptical at first, but once I visited Texas Southern University during the Summer I knew I wanted to be a part of their Art department. 


I moved to Houston in 2014 and began studying at Texas Southern University. After studying painting under Lemon Green, I picked up a concentration in Drawing and Painting. My works include oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors, and found mixed media materials. My work expresses my identity and how I feel represented being a young queer African American woman in the south.















Chris Hicks

Christopher Hicks was born in the 3rd Ward area of Houston, Texas on September 18, 1995.He was raised in the 3rd ward, 4th ward, and Arches Homes areas. His love and interest in art started when he was a kid playing video games, watching historical documentaries, and cartoons. He was amazed at the creativity and mastery the artist of those respective entertainment media and cultural artifacts exhibited. He sought to replicate his favorite artifacts, cartoon characters, and video game models and he dreamed to one day become a legendary and revolutionary artist. Due to Houston public school focus on standardized test, Chris never took an art class prior to coming to Texas Southern University. Therefore he depended on his self taught experience. After years of using his self taught abilities in preteen years, he took a critical and honest look at his works and determined his art was not improving and he put his artist aspirations to the side.

Chris began to focus on doing his best in high school courses. His determination and focus granted him the opportunity to receive an academic scholarship from Texas Southern University and to graduate top ten in his high school class. With the opportunity to attend college and free to study whatever he wanted, he choice to follow his dream of being a visual artist. The faculty and staff eagerly taught him the essentials of what it means to be an artist. The art program at Texas Southern University has gave Chris an opportunity, through hands on experiences, to develop artistic identity and to spark his creative talents.   This body of work represents Hick’s hope to spread positive psychology and Godly hope in the black art scene and also catalogs his encounters with various mediums and techniques. Through this exhibition viewers are offered a unique sample that represents the gesso of the artist future masterpieces to come.



 Jazmyn Proctor

Born in the afternoon, in late February of 1994, Jazmyn Proctor was the first child to Adelina Wooten and Ronald Proctor. She grew up near the birthplace of the cowboy, San Antonio, Texas. Later relocating to the Dallas area, where she graduated high school from Billy Ryan High School. On a whim decision, she started college at the University of Houston Downtown. After two years, she transferred to Texas Southern University. Although she began her studies focusing on a career in Journalism, she chose to pursue a degree in art, in addition to Journalism. It was in that environment that she found her underlying passion for art. And began her journey to the artist that she has become today.

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