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On view June 18th through September 19th, 2021.

Levels & Layers: An Artist’s Reflections on Third Ward is an exhibition highlighting the cultural contributions made to the field of the visual art. Riverside Terrace, Sugar Hill, the Cuney Homes, and the Bottoms make up the area of Greater Third Ward, or Third Ward, TX. These places and spaces have long been acknowledged as cultural hubs within the city of Houston. Layers & Levels takes a historical look at the varied art making registers that have taken place within the neighborhood of Third Ward, from the Afro-futurist teachings of Dr.John Biggers and Texas Southern University, to the social practice strategies of Rick Lowe’s Project Row Houses, to the self-taught visionary yard artists that once thrived in the area, and all gradations between. The art history of this neighborhood is truly remarkable and can stake a claim to its own model of art education. Presented in partnership with the Blaffer Museum at the University of Houston.


John Biggers, Carrol Simms, Kermit Oliver.Early Hudnall, Ray Carrington, Bennie Joseph, Louise Martin, Earnest Snell, Israel McCloud, Bobby Ray, Walter Stanciell, Jamal Cyrus, Robert Hodge, Everything Records, Roux, Otabenga Jones and Associates, Nathaniel Donnett, Harry Vital, Laura Pearl Sands, Curtis Watson Jr., Charles Walker, Donna Campbell, Wanda Hampton, Trudell Mimms Obey, Sharon Matthews, Steven Murray, Community Artist Collective, Project Row Houses, HMAAC, Kevin Hill, Karl Hall, Cedric Franklin, Joseph Moran, Marian Cole.

Jamal Cyrus Art Talk on "Levels & Layers" and its partner exhibition "The End of my Beginning".

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