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10th Biennial Art Alumni Exhibition

Every other year, the University Museum brings together a dynamic group of dedicated artists, to pay tribute to the creative individuals who once matriculated as students of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. This year we celebrate the tenth installation of “Homecoming”, honoring over 70 years of visual arts at Texas Southern University. The exhibition showcases a definitive collection of creative works offering varied interpretations of both reality and fantasy presented across a range of mediums, including fashion, sculptures and mixed media. Each piece is a testament to the legacy of African Americans in the field of visual arts and present a marvelous reflection of our vision of past and dreams for the future.


Moses Adam Jr.

Tyler Allen

Joshua Ghandi Arthur

Andrew Blank

Lucretia Lyons Bluiett

Mack Bishop

Jade Cooper

John C. Davis

Rickey De Paul Donato

Nathaniel Donnett

Lottie Dyer

Karl E. Hall

Kurt A. Hill Jr.

Ramaj Jamar

Cynthia Veline Jetson

Earl Jones

C. M. Lewis

Waltinett Lewis

Tony McMillian

Robert E. Meyers

Prinston “Taddy” Nnanna

Kingsely Onyeiwu

Klo Lay Pla

Keila Perez

Jazmyn Proctor

Justin Ransburg

Robert Riojas III


Jesse Sifuentes

Johnetta Tinker

Charles L. Thomas

Roy Vinson Thomas

Brittany Torres

Bradley Ward

Janice Warren

Tarmarick Williams

Richard L. William



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