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Resilience: A Dance Performance by Isabel Wallace-Green

When? This Saturday, September 11, 2021

Where? 12pm at University Museum at Texas Southern University

3pm at BLAFFER Art Museum

FREE and open to the public. Walk-ins are welcome; space is limited. Please reserve tickets for guaranteed entry.

Reserve your spot here!

In a site-specific, immersive live performance, native Houston dancer Isabel Wallace-Green responds to The Blaffer Art Museum and Texas Southern University’s Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning. The site-specific program moves through the galleries as audiences engage with both Cyrus’ exhibition and Wallace-Green’s performance simultaneously.

Wallace-Green’s performance showcases a series of self-choreographed solos inspired by themes of African American identity, resilience, and culture—ideas existing in and around her, a biracial black American artist physically embedded in the exhibition. Audiences will experience this immersive multimedia collaboration through musical, contextual, and visceral motifs coursing throughout the evening.

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